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Cully and Sully News
By Cully
on 27 Jan 2012 5:54 PM

Cully & Sully are once again supporting gorta's SOUP FOR LIFE campaign so watch this space.

Also, check out Here's a little snippet from the web site: GET READY TO SOUP IT UP! Are you a budding Jamie Oliver? 

Or maybe you throw a pretty good party? 
Whatever it is, gorta needs your support! Soup for Life is encouraging everyone across Ireland to gather friends, family, colleagues and/or school-friends together over a simple bowl, cup or pot of nutritious soup. Sip, slurp or swig your way through a fun Soup for Life event, make a contribution to gorta and help us make hunger history. Soup is a simple meal that is enjoyed by millions of people and their families in both the developed and developing world, providing nourishment and sustenance to people in many different environments.

Soup for Life is an opportunity to reflect on the difficulties families in the developing world face in providing for themselves and their children. Today, undernourishment affects almost 1 billion people. Such food insecurity is a result of many factors including increased food prices, crop failures, conflict and climate change.

By holding your very own Soup for Life event, you are supporting the work that gorta does to ensure communities in sub-Saharan Africa have the opportunity to tackle each of these factors head-on. Restaurants, cafes and pubs across Cork and Dublin are also becoming gorta supporters and donating €1 per bowl of soup sold during National Soup Week. Why not make that lunch date matter?