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Steak For The Boys


  • My steaks varied between 7 and 9 oz. It's a good idea to have variations in size, not only because guests vary in how much steak they can eat but also for cooking times, i.e. bigger steak will take longer to cook so you can control your rare and medium steaks better.
  • Potatoes
  • Small whole onions
  • Parsnips
  • Carrots
  • Sweet Potato
  • Whole cloves of garlic
Steak For The Boys


Last week I had my brother-in-law [I hate this in-law business] over for steak as my sister is vegetarian and he had been sick and I felt he needed some good rare steak, he agreed! Eventually, this turned into dinner for 8 - one was vegetarian but I'll get to that later. With the right frame of mind, this is easy and not overly expensive. I recommend getting the best fillet steak you can buy; from a local butcher who fattens his own cows if possible and ask him to cut them good and thick. They'll be about 8 euro each if your being generous. 


  • Put them all on a tray, cover them in olive oil, try to only have it one layer thick (You may need to trays) and roast them in the oven at high heat.
  • You may have to put different things in at different times but that's fine.
  • Potatoes will take the longest, but you could boil them a little first.
  • Give your onions (or shallots) plenty of time too.
  • Turn the vegetable regularly during cooking.
  • Another essential is a really good green salad.
  • Hard to get unless you have a good source.
  • I have to recommend Darina's lettuce here available (if you're there early enough) at the Cookery School Stand at Midleton Farmers Market it is simply fabulous.
  • A full plastic shopping bag cost me the bones of 10 euros but it easily fed the 8 of us for dinner and left some for me to eat during the week.
  • Just make a simple dressing to go with this, available on several of the Cully & Sully packs!
  • Finally, I made Bearnaise sauce this is what makes it really special.
  • It may split, mine did! But you'll get over that. It's risky yes, It's tricky a bit, it's WORTH IT DEFINITELY.
  • I accidentally left mine on a high heat but fortunately spotted it just as it began to split.
  • Quickly I got Meredith to start whisking it as I threw in a few ice cubes.
  • This was enough to save it and some welcome advice for you!