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Week 4 Challenge: The Final Countdown!
Week 4 Challenge: The Final Countdown!
By Cully
on 04 May 2018 10:21 AM

Create A 30-Second Advert For Your Recipe And Company.

Now you have your product, done your market research, know who your target market is and now you need to sell it. To do that you need to create a 30 advert to showcase your product.

Can you believe we're onto the final challenge? How thyme has flown! You have all done such an amazing job in the first three challenges. We have been totally blown away, and we're not just saying that we genuinely are so impressed by the levels of enthusiasm shown through the campaign. There are so many great recipes coming in, great market research and insight in the food industry. We have even learned a thing or two ourselves, so thank you! So onto the final challenge - it's time to put all that research, product development and brainstorming to work.