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San Sebastian- restaurant capital of Europe
By Sully
on 18 Jun 2009 5:06 PM

Ola - we’re eating our way around San Sebastian, northern Spain (near the French border).

What a place for food, deemed to be the best in the world per capita outside of Manhattan.Our favourites are:

1) La Cuchara De San Telmo (located on c/ Agosto 31 in the Old town). This is best described as Michelin star tapas- no pretentious stuff- just AMAZING fois gras, pork ribs, beef cheek and do not leave without having their chocolate mousse. You’re total bill will be about €30 for 2 of you! It’s all for nothing here.

2) Branka- (Paseo Eduardo Chillida,

3) this is one of the best restaurants I’ve eaten in, in a long time. It’s located across the bay and is one of the most beautiful settings in the world. It’s all glass and overlooks the bay and also looks out to sea. You must go here to try the mushrooms with egg yolk on top, their squid was incredible and their fish is just amazing. The pricing is weird over there.

A good bottle of wine may only be €12, but a fish (say a turbot) can be about €60! Dinner for 2 tends to work out at about €120, which is very good considering you’re eating the best. 3) El Perro Chico. This is in Bilbao (Aretxaga 2 - is the street), where the Guggenheim museum is- fantastic.

It is worth travelling all the way here for their chocolate mousse- oh my god!!!

4) La Cepa- this is described as the Ham temple in the old town of San Sebastian. Just order a Pintos (glass of red wine for €1- and it’s v good stuff!) and the plate of ham- delicious.

They are the main ones. Hasta luego, Sully