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Cully and Sully News
A really nice email
By Cully
on 05 Mar 2007 1:46 PM

Dear Mr Cully,

Please let me begin by saying that your tomato soup is the single greatest soup, no make that thing I have eaten ever! I am intolerant to wheat, fat and sugar so as you can imagine I live a bland and tasteless existence. That was until I tasted your soup. My friend has long been extolling the virtues of your company and even recalls meeting one of you at a documentary screening with the same starry-eyed devotion you’d expect from a ten-year-old at a West life gig.

I need to know where I can get more of your products, could you send me a list of your stockiest in the Dublin 2 -4 areas. Thank you for your time,

Licking my lips in anticipation Eva