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Cully and Sully News
Ploughing Championships and Electric Picnic
By Cully
on 23 Sep 2011 5:54 PM

We'll festival season is over for another year it seems and we have had great fun meeting loads of our customers from all walks of life... both at Electric Picnic and at "The Ploughing". I feel like i've been living in the midlands for the past while, I'm almost a local! Having said that, my mother is from Durrow so it must be buried in me somewhere. Any of you guys who left us you're email address for ChefFactor, you should have got an email from us telling you exactly how to enter :)

Others who have entered in our Blind tasting competitions at EP or Sandwich making competitions at the ploughing, we send you a big fat thanks for sticking your neck out.

We know how intimidating and challenging these competitions can be!!!! It's back to the Winter now and we've heard that there is going to be another big freeze this year and early too, apparently at the end of October so stock up on C&S Chicken Soup for the soul! CULLY