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A Lovely Email from Margaret
By Sully
on 26 Aug 2008 1:46 PM

Hi, Cully and Sully, I am just emailing to say thank you for such a wonderful food experience! I very very rarely buy ready-made meals and if I have to I would go to M&S for their 'cook at home' range. 

Not any more! I tried one of your soups about a year ago and was impressed, then one night recently after leaving work after 10pm, starving and desperate for food, I took a chance on your Atlantic Salmon with Sorrel Sauce meal because the soups had been so good. If I had been served it in a top-class restaurant I would have been very impressed - Its light, healthy, filling, and extremely tasty! Portion size is perfect and the light sauce has a wonderful fresh taste to it.  I have bought this meal a couple of times since (tonight included) and have never been disappointed.

I should mention that I am very fussy about my food, preferring simple fresh (organic and Irish grown when I can afford it), good quality ingredients.  I prefer to take the time and effort to cook my own food from scratch.  That I am writing an email praising a ready-made meal astonishes me - it says so much about the quality of your food:) I hope your business goes from strength to strength.  With this quality of food, you can take the likes of M&S on any day! Regards Margaret