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Lovely email just from from a gorgeous Australian lady- We love YOUUUU!!
By Sully
on 12 Apr 2010 5:54 PM

Hey Guys

Im originally from Sydney but have been living in Ireland the last 2 years and in that time I have become totally addicted to your food!

The chicken soup and the chicken curry are easily my favs! Although the Irish stew is a close second!! I love that the meals are gluten-free and pretty light on the calories but most of all they always taste so fresh and delicious!

Now I am planning to move back to Australia in 2 months time and I am faced with the thought of life without my fav meals... I do hope you will one day consider branching out down under!! Keep up the great workmates and thanks for all the great meals!

Cheers Caitlin

ps. I am looking forward to trying your deserts for the first time tonight