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Cully and Sully News
A little update on whats going down!
By Cully
on 11 Apr 2012 5:54 PM

We've been busy beavers since the gorta campaign which was great... even if my picture with Enda never got published... I'll have to post it up here! Rena sorted out supplying soup for Laura and the St. Vincent De Paul's Kids club in Dublin so they could have a weekend away.

It seems the kids were thrilled and we were delighted to be of help. I posted one of the kid's letters, one of the sweetest letters I've ever read. On Facebook, we've been having good fun with giveaways, like learning some crazy alternative uses for our tubs. We're going to be at Vantastival ( in the camper judging the campervan cook-off on Sunday 6th May which is a great laugh and we highly recommend the festival regardless.

Wayne our Cheffactor 2011 winner has now finished the Ballymaloe Cookery course and last I heard was heading down to work in Waterford Castle so all of a sudden, that's going to be the hottest place to eat in town!!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more competitions and regular updates and enjoy this fine weather we're having