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hilarious email
By Sully
on 15 Jun 2006 2:30 PM

Hi, We get quite a lot of letters, postcards and emails from people which is really fantastic. Cul is going to add a section to the website one of these days (when he's not out buying babies buggies and all that stuff), which will have all these. However, this is a hilarious email received this morning that I simply have to share with you. Sully 


A word there fella if you would... I have a point of order to raise... I've been having phone line difficulties [thanks a lot Eircom like...!] which have only been sorted the last few days.

And I wanted to write as well, believe me... Oh yes... I wanted to write big time... Y'see, ever since I tried the Very Superior Fish Pie, as ordered and promised, I have lost the will to cook... I mean, what's the point like? The Shepherds Pie, as I said before, was heavenly, perfectly lamby despite what those OXO-using mutton munching complainers might say... But here - the Fish Pie was something else altogether. Twas divine... Twas like twas was cooked by Neptune himself and served up by a school of dapper dolphins with the song of the Sirens ringing in me ears... I, who ordinarily prefer my fish straight off a pan or not at all, found myself cursing my luck and wishing that I hadn't agreed to try it.

Up til then I'd thought of a Fish Pie as a salty morass of overcooked texture and no actual taste. Now I find myself unable to sleep without dreaming of Very Superiors... I can only drool at the thought of Beef and Stout, and Chicken and Mushroom. And therein lies the nub... I've lost the will to cook. I'm going to have to emigrate to a small island or move to a large cave lest my cravings for another Cully&Sully ('shur one more won't hurt...') completely overwhelm me... Not even the Betty Ford Clinic can help.

So thanks a lot fella... I, who useta love cooking with a passion that almost rivaled Thomond Park, am now just a balled up apron thrown to the far corner of the Great Kitchen of Life. As well as a Very Superior Fish Pie addict... Which isn't a bad thing I guess.

Cheers fella Finbarr

PS, when are the Beef & Stout and Chicken & Mushroom pies coming out? I gotta clear out my fridge like... :)