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Harry and the garlic
By Sully
on 30 Jan 2008 1:46 PM

Hello there,

We received this lovely email & photo today from Rosina in Knocknacara in Galway. She was wondering (like the rest of the country are wondering!) what to do with our bowls. This will all be revealed.......

Hi Guys!

Myself and my boyfriend are BIG fans of your soups and pies. It is really nice to know that we can just nip across to our local supermarket Joyces (no relation, unfortunately) and pick some honest to goodness food. And very tasty food at that.
We re-use the soup containers for freezing other dinners that we make and for containing different bits and pieces ( and also use them for our dog's water bowl).

But we are not really sure what to do with the pie dishes. Yes, I suppose I could use them to make my own pies, but I like to use a bigger container. What is the best way to recycle or reuse these containers? Can they go in the green recycling bin?

Best wishes and keep up the good work.

Rosina & Pat....and Harry the dog.