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Cully and Sully News
By Sully
on 20 Dec 2008 1:46 PM

We all can't wait till Christmas- it's been an incredible year, which definitely has been the busiest and fastest year of our lives.

Moving our production from France back to Ireland was our biggest event this year, which went well, but we did have some teething problems which are now resolved. Winning the Global Sial d'Or award in Paris in October was FANTASTIC and has been our greatest achievement to date, so that was great.

We also launched a new Full Bodied Vegetable Soup, which is going really well - it replaced our Mediterranean Vegetable Soup, which we found very difficult to sell. So its armchairs, pj's, large meals and delicious wines for the next few days, the Christmas rush is nearly over!

Thank you all so much for your support and from Cully, Aoife, Ivy and myself we really hope you have a super-duper Christmas and an even better New Year.