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GRANDAD - you’re a rockstar
By Cully
on 16 Apr 2007 2:30 PM

Lads, The best thing about Cully & Sully are the legends that are still alive and kicking around the country.

We've recently come across Grandad who has a blog Grandad's Blog which kind talks about us a lot.

Unfortunately, it does go into the Garda story quite a bit for which I'm sure I'm going to be hauled before some lunatic tribunal about. We've had other blogs which have also been funny. Here is one of the entries: 

"Now this isn’t your ordinary stuff that you get stacked on the supermarket shelves that contain more MSG than BSE. This is your home cooked variety, with no additives or preservatives. And it is lovely. And their reputation is spreading as it deserves to. Herself and myself have become somewhat addicted to these and they are part of our regular order. But there is a problem. Their Fish Pie, which is our favourite, comes in a nice little ceramic bowl. None of your plastic or foil rubbish. When we ordered our first ones, we thought this was great - free bowls to make a little set. So we built a little set of spare bowls in case we needed spare soup dishes or something. And then we built a little set to put flower pots in. But then it began to get ridiculous. Now the dog drinks out of them. We have filled a few with coloured pebbles and use them as door stops.

We use them as candle holders. And still, the damn pile keeps growing. We have run out of storage spage completely. In fact I am now having to extend the house to cope with all these bowls. Fortunately, it isn’t costing much, as I’m using the bowls as bricks. We are nearly up to roof level at this stage. I wrote to Cully [or Sully?] and complained. I demanded that the least they could do was to supply us with free Fish Pies for life, in compensation. But then it occurred to me - a lifetimes supply of bowls??? Cully has just replied to the last post I did. He’s a little late but business is good, so he is very busy.

I’m glad about that, and I’ll forgive his tardiness. He says [and I quote] It’s me, am I to late? Will I be forgiven if I get some free pies to Grandad? I am in a quandary. What am I to do? I’m on a pension, so a free pie or two would be nice, but it would mean more bowls! There again, when the extension is finished, I could always build a four-bedroom detached house for Sandy?" 

GRANDAD - you're a rockstar. Thanks so much from the pair of us.