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Give Peas A Chance July Update
Give Peas A Chance July Update
By Cully
on 17 Jul 2017 10:21 AM


Happy Summer to all our newPEA & exPEArienced growing teams, although we are not sure if the sun got the memo to shine!!!

Only silver lining is that its great weather for Soup (Cully & Sully of course). 

A huge thank you to all of the teams who are posting, sharing, liking and interacting with our Pea Sized challenges so far. there are some teams who are really shining. We have posted out some spot prizes for these teams.  All of the great pictures you are sharing are really making us hapPEA here at the Hen House. 

Backing Growing (pictured right), from AIB are our first SOUPer lunch winners. CONGRATULATIONS guys, we are loving your posts and updates on social media, keep it up!!!


The multiple seedlings in your tub now can be planted as one clump into the open ground or into a 5-litre pot or bucket. Before transplanting, water the peas really well and leave sit for an hour or so. If you are planting in the ground – dig a hole slightly larger than the tub, ease the plant out of the tub, sit the pea plant into it and firm in well using some of the soil you have just dugout. For a container- you need to fill it with general purpose compost and allow for a hole slightly larger than the tub, sit the plant in and firm in well using more compost. 

As they grow the peas will need to be supported by a teepee of bamboo canes. Make your tepee by using 3 canes tied together at the top in a triangular shape. You will need to wrap netting or string around the canes to give the peas something to grab onto as they grow.

Peas will be ready to harvest 12 to 16 weeks after sowing.