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Give Peas A Chance 2017 Round Up!
Give Peas A Chance 2017 Round Up!
By Sully
on 10 Jun 2017 10:21 AM

(If you’re new!)… Give Peas A Chance is a campaign that we carried with Secondary Schools and our partners, GIY. This consisted of 4 weekly challenges, a short-list of five schools and an overall winner! The idea of this campaign was to foster a sense of entrepreneurship in students and a sense of growing…and these students certainly delivered!

 So the competition is over and a winner has been chosen. And what a competition it was!

Schools went head-to-head for amazing prizes: A €3,000 garden for their school, two iPads for the winning students and a night away in Ballymaloe for their teacher!

7,000 Students, 3,000 Teams, A fifth of Secondary Schools…What a Success!

In short, the 4 weekly challenges involved planting and nurturing your little pots of peas, uploading progress with photos and videos, coming up with a ReciPEA for Success and finally a business plan!

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were inundated with aspiring growers, chefs and entrepreneurs from around the country!