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Eat Whole-foods not Refined Foods!
By Fawn
on 17 Oct 2008 9:09 PM

Most people know that foods contain Vitamins and Minerals.  But does the food we eat, after growing, refining, cooking and packaging still actually contain these compounds?  Growing and processing food in the ‘modern’ way removes a lot of these essential constituents of food.  Did you know that: -    Changing wholemeal flour to white flour loses anything from 48% to 98% of very important minerals. 

The mineral Chromium is 98% reduced, this mineral is essential for the prevention of diabetes, heart disease and obesity…all these illnesses are on the dramatic increase in Ireland.  Can we reduce these illnesses by eating wholemeal bread rather than white bread? -    Changing brown rice to white rice reduces Chromium 92%. -    Changing brown sugar to white sugar reduces Zinc 88%. 

Zinc has many, many functions in the body…increasing fertility, reducing stress, keeping away illnesses, increasing energy, keeping hair, nails and bones strong and healthy. Any food that is changed from a brown/wholemeal product to a white/refined product loses a significant amount of its minerals. 

Organic food has a higher mineral content than non-organic food.  These are ESSENTIAL for the healthy functioning of the body.  Next week we’ll look at one food from Ireland that is really, really high in minerals, that is easy to add into one’s diet...see you then!