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Detox Week
By Fawn
on 08 Jan 2009 9:09 PM

Throughout the centuries, health experts have taught the value of spring cleaning the body.  For just one week why don’t you give your body a spring clean?  For the small effort that it takes, the result may be glowing skin, more energy, a clearer head, more able to cope with stress, weight loss and feeling more relaxed.  It all sounds too good! Begin your detox at the beginning of the weekend.  This gives you time to adjust to your new diet before work begins on Monday.  It also gives time for any unpleasant reactions (e.g. headaches) to pass before spring comes into your step!  Shop for good detoxing foods before you start to ensure your house has delicious healthy food in all the cupboards and fruit bowls.  And be sure to eat lots and lots so you don’t get hungry and start snacking on biscuits and bread!  Plan your food for the day.  If you are going out, prepare food and bring it with you or eat in a healthy vegetarian restaurant. 

And don’t forget that detoxing your body isn’t just about the foods you eat…walk for at least 15mins each day and cut out alcohol and cigarettes for the week!

• Drink at least 2 litres of water every day.

• Eat lots of organic fruit and even more organic vegetables…apricots, berries, melon, citrus fruits, kiwi, peaches, mango, red grapes, artichokes, peppers, beetroot, brussels sprouts, broccoli, watercress, sweet potato, pumpkin, spinach, kale, bean and seed sprouts.  Try and make your dinner plate as colourful as possible.  Juicing is a great way to get loads of vegetables and fruit into you.  Grate, juice and steam but try not to fry!

• Snack on fruit, nuts and seeds e.g. pumpkin and sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts.

•  Cut out wheat for the week, this includes bread, pasta, biscuits, cakes, pancakes and couscous.  Instead, eat porridge, baked sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatcakes and perhaps even quinoa (a very nutritious grain found in health food stores).

• Avoid sugar in all forms e.g. chocolates, fizzy drinks, jam and many convenience meals.

• Avoid meat.  Eat beans and pulses instead, and fish once during the week.

• Avoid milk and cheese and eat lots of natural, unsweetened yoghurt.

• Avoid tea and coffee or cut back to only 1 cup a day.  Drink dandelion coffee (available from health food stores), herb teas or juices instead. T

here’s no need to despair at this list!  If you feel you can’t do it, be realistic for YOU, and do it for only 3 days? 

It’ll be worth the effort as hopefully, you’ll feel great after it!