A look back on our SOUPer Ambassador Campaign!

Why? We were (and still are!) new to UK supermarket shelves and lots of happy customers are giving us great feedback, so we really wanted to spread the word.
What's a SOUPer Ambassador? Somebody who helps us spread the word about our soup to friends and family in the UK!
Does a SOUPer Ambassador have to be from the UK?  Nope, as long as they shared the word with UK friends, a SOUPer Ambassador could have been from anywhere in the world!
How did it work? SOUPer Ambassadors posted on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram using the hashtag #cullyandsullyUK . Have a look for yourself!
What's in it for the SOUPer Ambassador? The satisfaction of knowing you are helping spread the good word about delicious and nutritious Cully & Sully Soup ... AND the chance to win iPads, snuggly hoodies and pots more prizes!

Who won?

The Winner Of Our 1st Souper Ambassador iPad was announced at the end of January. Later Samantha Bolter won our hearts with her amazing photoshop skills and won another iPad. 

When we thought it was all over, more and more SOUPer Ambassadors kept appearing and that meant only one thing - more prizes!

In the meantime, here are some SOUPer honourable mentions and highlights!