• Separate the noodles by peeling them apart one at a time. Set aside.
  • Prepare your ingredients: Slice the baby corns into 1/2 lengthwise.
  • Crush the garlic and chilies, and set aside.
  • Pick off the leaves & flowers of the basil, and set aside.
  • Chop the large chili into rings.
  • If you’re using tofu, pre-fry it in hot oil until browned. Set aside.
  • Add the oil to a pan, and heat on high until it’s dancing around.
  • Then add the garlic, chilies and green peppercorns. Keep stirring so it doesn’t burn. When the garlic turns light brown, add the veggies & meat/seafood if adding.
  • Keep stirring and cook until finished, about a minute. You may need to add a few tablespoons of water to help things not stick.
  • Add the tofu (if adding), then the noodles. You may need to add a bit more water if the pan gets too dry. Don’t add a lot, or the noodles will get mushy.
  • After frying for a minute or two, add the soy sauces, sugar and oyster sauce.
  • Stir well to mix.
  • Add the basil & vinegar. Stir to mix. When the basil is wilted it’s done.