• Place ham, fat side up, on rack in shallow roasting.
  • Insert meat thermometer into ham surface at a slight angle or through the end of the ham so tip is in center of thickest part of ham and does not touch bone or fat.
  • Roast 12 to 16 minutes per pound in 325ºF oven or until thermometer reads 120ºF.
  • Remove ham from oven.
  • Pour drippings from pan.
  • Remove any skin from ham.
  • Cut fat surface of ham lightly in uniform diamond shapes; insert whole clove in each diamond.
  • Mix honey, mustard and ground cloves; brush on ham.
  • Roast uncovered about 20 minutes longer or until thermometer reads 135°F. 5
  • Cover ham with tent of aluminum foil and let stand about 10 minutes or until thermometer reads 140ºF.